What does a Squash Fitness Coach do?

A Squash Fitness Coach specializes in getting squash athletes into peak physical condition for the sport of squash.  Also based on your unique postural gait, playing style and fitness level your Fitness Coach crafts a performance plan for you to bring up your level of Squash performance and maintain an elite level of play.

Who am I?

My name is Micah Logan, I am a Fitness Coach who Specializes in Squash Fitness, I have worked with some of the top Squash players in the world including U.S. Squash Pro Amanda Sobhy.  I use my combination of corrective exercise, Speed Agility Coaching, Fitness Therapy and knowledge of squash movement to craft plans for Squash players of all ages.

How does Online Coaching work?

Using my online coaching platform, you will be given an assessment to start.  You will have to upload a video of yourself performing the assessments that I’ve given to you so my team and I can craft your performance program specifically for you.  Your workout will be accessible in your account that you can view on your phone or tablet (via app), or you can print up at home and bring with you all over the world.  With your monthly membership your workout can change as the year goes along, switching from tournament prep, to off-season work, to maintenance programming and recovery sessions.   You will also be able to record your progress in the program using the proprietary tracking system.  We charge you a monthly rate for access to the online coaching.  You will also receive a 15 minute phone consultation per month to check in on your program and progress.

What do you get with the Squash Fitness Coaching program?

  • Initial Assessment (Requires you to upload a video performing the assessment for your Fitness Coach)
  • Video Coaching Messages
  • Comprehensive Squash Fitness Program customized to your specific needs and level
  • Unlimited Support via Messaging
  • Nutrition/Meal Plans (If Necessary)
  • Progress Tracking
  • 15 Minute Coaching Phone Call a Month

Try squash fitness coaching for 7 days for $1, then enjoy your monthly subscription