What does a Personal Fitness Coach do?

A Personal Fitness Coach specializes in getting their clients into peak physical condition for their individual abilities.  Each one of us is unique in that we have our own individual fitness levels, abilities and needs.  A Fitness Coach creates a personalized plan just for you to make sure you can succeed based on your specific goals.  We’ve had clients goals range from losing 100lbs to walking around the block. Whatever your goals are we can help.

Who am I?

My name is Micah Logan, I am a Fitness Coach who has been in the industry for 16 years.  I have worked with thousands of clients that have come in my studio, workshops, boot camps or lectures.  I have trained thousands of sessions and have worked with clients with fairly common weight loss goals to clients in special populations who needed a little more TLC for example diabetes or joint replacement.

How does Online Coaching work?

Using my online coaching platform, you will be given an assessment to start.  You will have to upload a video of yourself performing the assessments that I’ve given to you so my team and I can craft your program specifically for you.  Your workout will be accessible in your account that you can view on your phone or tablet (via app), or you can print up at home and bring with you to your gym, outside or all over the world.  With your monthly membership your workout can change as the year goes along, switching from a program that helps you establish a baseline of fitness to progressing you in specific exercises to make you stronger and improving.  You will also be able to record your progress in the program using the proprietary tracking system.  We charge you a monthly rate for access to the online coaching.

What do you get with the Online Coaching program?

  • Complete Health and Fitness Assessment
  • Unlimited Support through messages
  • Video updates with specific messages
  • Customized workout program that changes every 4 weeks
  • Workout program that fitness your schedule
  • Ability to take the program wherever you go whether you’re traveling or home
  • Personalized workout calendar to see your complete program information (Program, Food Logs, Forms, etc)
  • Progress Tracking
  • Mobile App for iPhone & Android

Try it out for only $1 for the first 7 days, then enjoy your membership!