Welcome Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

I’m so glad that you’re taking advantage of my Hot Seat Coaching Program. Tony Robbins said: “The path to success is to take massive, determined actions”. That’s what you’ve done by deciding to get business coaching, but also by being willing to humbly put yourself and your business in the hot seat and level up!

How does Hot Seat Coaching Work?

During your 30 minute Call with Micah, your goal should be to make sure you are brutally honest about where you are and what you need help with. Micah will ask you some probing questions about your business, numbers or even your strategy. Don’t make the mistake of being nervous that you are going to ask or say something wrong, the fact that you are about to undertake this journey is important.

What if I want coaching beyond the Hot Seat Call?

If you are generating $200k in annual revenue and you’re looking to scale and become a power house, then you should Join Micah’s Common Cents Mastermind Group (Common Cents named after his podcast). Your other option is to sign up for his 12 Month One on One Business Coaching Program where you will have weekly coaching calls with Micah as he helps you with Business accountability and profit growth.

What can I expect to get out of Business Coaching?

Don’t buy into what you see on Instagram or Facebook with these supposed coaches who can make you $100k in 30 days, building a business that works and is successful and can generate multiple six and seven figures takes time and strategy, that is what you get out of your Coaching with Micah. A proven business leader who has Coached several businesses to six+ figures in revenue.

$150 get’s you a 30 minute, hot seat 1-1 Business Coaching Session.

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