I’m so glad that you’ve decided to change your health and fitness.  As a Family/Friend member you will enjoy all of the benefits of a full membership to my online coaching program for only $99.  Be proud of yourself because you are taking the first step to a better you.

Here are a few things you should know after you subscribe:

  1. After payment is made you will be set up with your training account within 24 hours
  2. Your payment will be drafted on your card every month on the same day
  3. Your program ALWAYS begins with an assessment and you will be required to complete all of the assessment forms
  4. You can only complete your assessment from a DESKTOP you NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR ASSESSMENT ON YOUR PHONE.
  5. After you’ve completed your assessment your program will begin shortly after
  6. You may use the messaging feature to communicate with your Fitness Coach
  7. You will have one 15 min coaching call per week to recap the previous week and to goal set for the next week
  8. As a trade for having a discounted rate, your success photos will be shared and use for marketing purposes.


I wish you the best and know you will be successful, be consistent, positive and strive for progress not perfection.


In good health,