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I am a dynamic entrepreneur, business owner and visionary who has built a diversified, profitable health and fitness enterprise. From humble beginnings, I have nurtured a multi-service, multi-location, award-winning business (Boston’s A-list Top 5 in personal training) with a value proposition focused on high quality client service. I leverage my leadership, communications and motivational skills to ensure that my customers are satisfied and my employees are high-performing and engaged. I am also a trusted consultant to small business owners–relying on the competencies I have developed throughout my career to help them level up.

My world view is that people who have limited opportunities are an emerging market and I work passionately in many forums to set them up for success and activate their potential. I am focused on creating opportunities through a variety of forums including:

motivational speaking engagements (i.e. Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Hopewell Inc., Blue Cross Blue Shield, J. Jill, UPS)
a Podcast for entrepreneurs (LINK)
community leadership including President of the PTO and the Parent Advisory Board to the Superintendent of the Randolph Public Schools
Mastermind community established for vetted small business owners

I lead with honesty and integrity in all that I do.

[trx_title type=”2″ align=”center” top=”1.5em” bottom=”0.8em”]9 Core Values[/trx_title][trx_team count=”9″][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #1″ position=”Trust” photo=”2377″]Our goal is to build businesses that our customers feel comfortable with and believe in.[/trx_team_item][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #2″ position=”Loyalty” photo=”2376″]We are committed to long term relationships with our customers and vendors.[/trx_team_item][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #3″ position=”Vision” photo=”2381″]We love innovation and hold the long term view while executing each phase of our strategy.[/trx_team_item][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #4″ position=”Honesty” photo=”2373″]Our goal is transparency and truth in our business ventures[/trx_team_item][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #5″ position=”Integrity” photo=”2372″]We vow to treat our customers and associates with the uprightness they deserve[/trx_team_item][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #6″ position=”Competence” photo=”2371″]We employ the best and brightest, we value well rounded knowledge bases[/trx_team_item][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #7″ position=”Focus” photo=”2370″]We give each project our complete attention so we can achieve on the best outcome[/trx_team_item][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #8″ position=”Profit” photo=”2374″]Our investments and businesses are closely monitored to ensure maximum income.[/trx_team_item][trx_team_item name=”Core Value #9″ position=”People” photo=”2368″]We value inclusivity and diversity in our team. Our people are the engine that drives the company.[/trx_team_item][/trx_team][trx_line top=”0″ bottom=”3em”]

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