The Problem!

There are many reasons why it is hard for some of us to get out of bed in the morning and get started with our day.  For some people who may suffer from depression or other forms of mental illness it may be a chemical imbalance issue that we have no control over, and yet for others who suffer from a physically debilitating condition like chronic fatigue and/or fibromyalgia it may be indeed a physical issue.  Statistically, however, for the vast majority of us without these uncontrollable issues it is a matter of motivation.  The thought that you have to push through another day doing the same thing, in the same way, with the same people can be absolutely daunting.  Going to work in the same dreary office or in the same place also causes others to lack motivation.  Generally when you begin to feel this way about your life it’s because of one vital issue.  You have ceased to set goals for yourself.  You forgot what it was like to work towards something that makes you feel accomplished or you have gotten sidetracked from the goals you’ve set for yourself.  How is it that we lose track of our goals or get side tracked and end up in the purgatory of lackluster motivation?

How we got here

Life has a way over a period of time of getting cluttered with many forms of energy drains leaving us depleted of any form of motivation to pursue our own goals and dreams.  You get married, have kids, get a demanding job or even take care of a sick relative.  These major shifts in life can completely upset (in the good way) any plan or dream that we’ve had for ourselves.  Usually the left over energy we have from our day is just enough to take a relaxing shower and climb our almost lifeless body under the covers.  Remember when you said to yourself you were going to get up a half hour earlier to exercise “starting monday” so that you can get it in because the night was too hectic, only for your kid to get sick Sunday night or your job to call you in Sunday night?  Then as if you were throwing butter into a bon fire your goals disappeared in a flash.  It’s not until life actually calms down a little that we start thinking about our “what if’s” or “I wishes”.  This cycle of thinking just keeps us focused on our failure.  So how exactly do we get from here to getting out of bed and getting motivated?

How to get out of bed and get motivated

The “how” is always the hardest part.  How do we go from being almost completely unmotivated to accomplishing our goals to being a goal crushing rockstar?  The answer lies in our everyday routine.  What we do each day propels us into the next day, so either we can use each day like building blocks, or we can live each day like a hamster on a hamster wheel.  Note that the hamster may have goals and in some ways is productive, but ultimately he ends up in the same place he started.  When you are looking to build each day you have to completely change your mindset, no matter what you are faced with each day.  Granted some days are harder than others and some days have more stresses, but we should never go one day without thinking about our goals.  The first step to being consistently motivated each day to always have our goals set before us.  One of the tricks I use is to have a motivational message as the first thing I see each day, see my calendar below:


Another thing you can do is to set realistic goals for yourself that you can accomplish everyday.  One way to do this is by delegating to someone else in your home.  If you are a single parent you can have a schedule in your home that includes one activity for you at least twice a week.  One period of time when you are alone by yourself to think about your goals.  You don’t need much time, see if you can set aside 15 mins to work on your goals everyday.  Just 15 mins can add up in a big way, by the end of the month you will have 7.5 hours of time working on your goal.  We have the tools to change the narrative in our life and you can start tomorrow.  Make a calendar post and go from there.

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