Fear in humans develops over time from an early age.  Scientist have studied the affects of both witnessing events that can cause fear or personally experiencing situations that induce fear.  For the sake of today’s blog however, I want to talk about “fear” as it relates to a person achieving their goals.  Why is it that this fear develops in people who want to be successful? How can you push through your “fears” and develop courage to accomplish your personal goals?  It all depends on how you define fear.

(F)orget. (E)verything. (A)nd.(R)un (Fear)

This would be the first definition of fear and the definition that most people struggle with when they are faced with either a difficult decision or a decision that could change their lives.  Instead of adapting to the new set of circumstances, some people completely forget everything, they know about the truth and run back to where they feel the most comfortable.  There is no problem with enjoying things that are familiar, but when we sacrifice a chance to make ourselves better and to add value do we retreat back to what is familiar, simply because we don’t want to even take a chance on something new?  If you suffer from this kind of fear, then you will be hard pressed to achieve most goals you set out for yourself and will suffer from chronic regretitis.  Always wondering what could have been, or even, imagining how your life would have turned out. Well what do you do if you are the kind of person who naturally retreats back to familiar comfortable surroundings and things instead of pressing forward? Think about your life plan (like we spoke about in our previous blog post here is the link) and how you want to take advantage of every opportunity to accomplish your goals.  Also remember that fear is a natural feeling when change is about to happen, that feeling isn’t always indicative of something that is going to happen, it could very simply mean, your life is about to change in a way that is different, but still good.

(F)ace. (E)verything.(A)nd.(R)ise (Fear)

This is my favorite definition of fear, why, because it is the most accountable form of fear that produces the best result for you individually.  When you are faced with things that test your mettle and you rise up to challenge you feel confident in your plan and empowered to accomplish your goals.  It’s basically like exercise, a little stress on the muscle group you are working out, and the result? Stronger muscles that can perform when you need them to.  Likewise, how you respond to stressors in your life is indicative of how strong you will be to face other challenges.  Here’s what I know, every time I had to face a challenging situation and I hung in there and faced the “pain” associated with a life decision I was stronger for it, whether it worked out or not.  One thing I can say is that regret lives in the unaccomplished goals, in the undone task, in the unspoken words and yesterday’s procrastinations.  If you have a plan to become successful in business, health, life, love, you have to be prepared to face challenges with conviction and surety.  Stand on your life’s stage and command your performance with passion and pride and don’t let anyone take your spotlight away from you.  There is less fear for those people who chose how they want to live their lives and work towards it.  So what’s the key to developing this kind of fear? An unrelenting desire to pursue your goals and separate from detractors and energy vampires.

So which fear represents you? Will you Run or Rise? Only time and the opportunity to display your courage will tell.

Here’s to your success,


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